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Talking about the future can be scary — but it’s important to start thinking ahead now, so you don’t leave behind questions about your estate. If you don’t make your wishes clear, the court will decide how to divide your estate or who gets guardianship of your children.

Create a legal will today, so you can decide for yourself how your estate will be divided. The Law Office Of Geoffrey Fong is a trusted will attorney in Rocklin, CA. Attorney Fong can work with you to create a comprehensive will, and he’ll be there to answer your questions about the estate planning process.

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Contact the Law Office Of Geoffrey Fong today to arrange a consultation with a reputable will attorney in Rocklin, California. Attorney Fong will:

  • Meet with you to discuss your situation

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  • Help you understand the process of creating a legal will

  • Design an estate plan that meets your needs

Trust attorney Fong to help you determine the best way to manage your estate. Call now to schedule an appointment with a will attorney in Rocklin, CA.