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Geoffrey Fong

Geoffrey Fong

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Born and raised in California, my family was the most important element in my life. The importance placed on family and the desire to have a positive impact on my community is what led me to pursue a career in the legal profession. After graduating from the University of the Pacific: McGeorge School of Law, I began practicing estate law in the hopes of helping other Californians plan for the future.

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Helping you plan for your family's future

When it comes to planning for the future, you don't want a cookie-cutter plan. You need a plan tailored to your needs and with room for any modifications you wish to make in the future. My approach accounts for the individual aspects of your situation including family relationships, anticipated debts, and any family heirlooms.

I believe that everyone needs an estate plan. So I provide my services at an affordable rate that clients who may not have the means to create an effective state plan can retain.

An estate plan is more about one's assets rather than one's age. For example, if you just graduated from college and don't have any substantial assets you could probably get away with not having. However, the need for a solid plan is triggered by certain life events such as starting a family, purchasing a home or business, and other life events associated with age - retirement, serious illness, etc.

No one is too young or too old to create a plan for their future. So give me a call so I can help you start planning for your future.


Focusing on helping you plan for the future and for you and your family.

Estate Planning

Don't leave your family guessing about your wishes. Create a strong estate plan to ensure your assets are protected.

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It's never too early or late to make a will. When you have a will, you can ensure your family is taken care of after you're gone.

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Creating a trust can be the best way to give loved ones financial stability in the event of illness, accident, or death.

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I find satisfaction in the success of my clients.

Establishing security after you're gone

Proudly serving my community in Rocklin, California as an estate planning attorney, I am passionate about helping my clients find security and peace of my in having a plan. I understand the importance of maintaining a family, and I want to help my clients do the same and live more fulfilling lives.

When creating or modifying a will, enlisting skilled legal counsel is the best way to ensure that only your wishes are implemented in the allocation of your assets. With my expert knowledge and guided by my experience, I can help you make a strong will that will help your surviving family members know what your wishes are, and make sure they're carried out.

After you pass on, your estate will likely be subject to the probate process where the state determines how your assets are used to settle your debts. But there is a way to protect certain assets and possibly avoid probate altogether: creating a trust. While a will is used to establish your wishes, a trust can be outlined before you are gone and you can make changes as you see fit.

Whether you are considering a will, a trust, or both, I can help you sort and compile all the necessary documents and build a solid plan for your estate. Don't leave your assets unprotected and your family to the state. Call my office for a free consultation so we can start making a plan for you.