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Planning for the future can be a daunting task, especially when it involves making decisions about your health and well-being during times of incapacitation. It's important to approach this process with a sense of understanding and calm.

This is where the Law Office of Geoffrey Fong comes in, offering thorough guidance and support in Rocklin, California, and its surrounding areas. 

A living will, also known as an advance health care directive, is a legal document that outlines your wishes regarding medical treatment should you become unable to communicate or make decisions. This document can cover a variety of healthcare decisions, from life-prolonging procedures to pain management and organ donation. The Law Office of Geoffrey Fong is committed to helping clients understand the implications and benefits of having a living will. 

The Legalities of Living Wills

Living wills are recognized and upheld by law, providing you with the ability to control your medical care. However, the specific laws and requirements surrounding living wills can vary from state to state. In California, certain criteria must be met for a living will to be considered valid. These include being of sound mind and at least 18 years old when signing the document.

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Creating a Living Will

Creating a living will involves careful thought and consideration. You'll need to determine your healthcare preferences, identify a healthcare proxy, and ensure your wishes are clearly articulated in the document. Here are the steps for creating a living will: 

  • Reflect on Your Preferences: Consider various medical scenarios and decide what level of care you would want. This might include resuscitation, life support, and treatment preferences in case of a terminal illness or severe injury. 

  • Consult with Healthcare Providers: Talk with your doctor or healthcare professionals to understand potential treatments and outcomes, which can guide you in making informed decisions for your living will. 

  • Choose a Healthcare Proxy: Select a trusted person who will act on your behalf to make medical decisions if you're unable to do so. This person should honor your wishes and have a clear understanding of your healthcare preferences. 

  • Draft the Document: Write the living will with specific instructions regarding your healthcare choices. Utilize resources and templates available through your attorney or healthcare institution to ensure all important aspects are covered. 

  • Comply with State Laws: Make sure your living will adheres to the legal requirements of your state. This may include witness signatures or notarization. 

  • Communicate with Family: Discuss your living will with family members or close friends so that your wishes are known and there are no surprises if the document needs to be used. 

  • Store the Document Safely: Keep your living will in a safe but accessible place, and provide copies to your healthcare proxy, doctor, and any other relevant healthcare providers. 

  • Review and Update Periodically: As circumstances change, review your living will to ensure it still reflects your current wishes. Update it as necessary to account for changes in your health, family status, or healthcare laws. 

It's recommended to consult with an attorney during this process to ensure your living will aligns with your wishes and complies with California law. 

Updating and Revising Living Wills

Just like other legal documents, a living will should be updated and revised as necessary. Changes in health status, marital status, or simply changes in preferences can necessitate updates to your living will. The Law Office of Geoffrey Fong aids clients in regularly reviewing and updating their living wills, ensuring the documents continue to reflect their current wishes and circumstances. 

Living Wills vs. Other Legal Documents  

While a living will is crucial for healthcare decisions, it's just one component of a comprehensive legal plan. Other important documents include a durable power of attorney, a will, and a trust: 

  • A durable power of attorney for healthcare allows you to appoint someone to make healthcare decisions on your behalf, beyond the scope of end-of-life care.  

  • A general will outlines asset distribution and care of minors.  

  • Trusts manage how your assets are handled both during your life and after.  

Each serves a unique purpose, and together, they create a complete legal strategy for managing your affairs. A skilled estate planning attorney can assist in understanding each document and how they work collectively to honor your intentions and protect your legacy. 

How an Attorney Can Help

An attorney brings invaluable expertise to the process of creating a living will. They can provide clarity on complicated legal terms, ensure the document complies with state laws, and offer guidance on difficult decisions.  

Planning for the future doesn't have to be overwhelming. With the right guidance and support, you can create a living will that truly reflects your wishes and gives you peace of mind. 

Living Wills Attorney in Rocklin, California

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